Khurrandrome A film by "Samsaptak"

Khurrandrome is a Sci-Fi VFX-thriller made by a bunch of final year animation students at MAAC, Siliguri, in 2009.

The primary goal was to produce a ~10min VFX short (that later expanded as a feature-film), with an intention to self-teach ourselves the entire process of film production, with the limited resources we had (one hi-8 handycam, a green-screen & a few 'personal' computers).

For the release banner, a group was thus formed, then known as the "Team of Tomorrow" (ToT) - and, among the 50+ other MAAC institutes nation-wide, ToT of MAAC Siliguri was the first (& so far, is the only) group to be able to produce an entire feature-length film.