Khurrandrome A film by "Samsaptak"

Khurrandrome, The Khurrana Syndrome — a fictional disease, the film is based upon. Dr. Trilochan Khurana, a bio-technology genius, who successfully created the method of cross-species cloning, ended up making his research center something he didn't sought to end up with.

The project came to us, just like any other innovation-infected individuals in their active-age. Trivia is, very little of such effort ever comes to a success, finally. Especially as, before working on project Khurrandrome, we weren't even 'we' — just some ignited minds seeking their careers in Animation/Cinematics from the same multimedia institute.

Proud we are, for being recognized as the runner-up participant in the North Bengal Film Festival, where just to complete the film was the major challenge for us.